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Located at the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja’s city centre, ISKAT DESIGNS (printing & publishing) LIMITED, is a one-stop printing conglomerate that is committed to the realization of top-quality, super- colour and creative designing, digital colour separation, monogramming and printing solutions to all levels of individuals, businesses and commercial needs.

At ISKAT DESIGNS, we understand that different designs, printing, corporate gifts and monogramming options are needed by different people, different organizations and different businesses towards creating effective impacts on their different publics. That’s why, after a careful study and an informed appraisal of the industry, we decided to put in place a well-equipped, full-service printing organization that offers you complete satisfaction in quick service delivery, corporate gifts creation and creative printed pieces that are sure to improve your image in more ways than one.

In full deployment therefore, of the completeness of ours in monogramming and printing processes, modern equipment, technical know-how and professional hands, we not only manage your printing needs from pre-press through to post-press at prices quite within reach, we also cater for a broad spectrum of individuals, businesses, organizations, government agencies, departments and trade councils, both local and foreign.

No doubt, we give designing, colour separation, monogramming and general printing a polished, professional look that is sure to excite that delicate fancy of yours anytime, anywhere, any day.

And having a complete printing line in-house is simply a matter of convenience and added satisfaction to the esteemed clientele of ours. Moreover, the modern equipment and the technical know-how at our disposal have combined to place us well ahead of much older firms in the industry. Our resolve is to change the face of printing and corporate gifts designing and production in Nigeria and beyond.

Samples of our Products
Offset Printing


It is a common knowledge that constant power supply failures or outage has become a real cause for concern to many a business outfit or manager in the

But as a people imbued with an orientation never to settle with the second best, we, at ISKAT DESIGNS had, from the onset, decided that it would make a good business sense to proffer a solution to that problem once and for all, so that unlike others, our clients are never ever subjected to those irritating excuses bordering on power failures.

For that reason therefore, a 65kva Perkins and a 35kva Lister Petter generating sets (both soundproofed) were acquired as stand-bys to make twenty-four hour…

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